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USDF Region 3 Championships

Grand Prix Dressage horse
Amy Speck-Kern & Amadeus

As some of you know, I am a competitive Dressage rider with my horse Daralis (aka. Farrah, aka the gingernut) and in our first full year of competing in dressage we earned 4 invites to the USDF Region 3 Championships in Georgia. It was a nerve wracking time, including a long 7 hour haul in advance of Hurricane Michael (literally 30 minutes ahead of the storm most of the way) but we made it.

Whats more - we ended up getting 4th of 22 in one of our classes against professionals (I, most definitely, am not professional)

USDF Region 3 1st level MFS
Kristen & Daralis - 1st Level MFS Championship

While I was busy riding my own horse in 4 classes, I also had a very small amount of time where I took photos of our stablemates & friends who were also in attendance. I regret not taking more, but I found myself a little overwhelmed with the sheer scale of this show and the nerves that came with it! That said, the few photos we got were incredible, and I really do have to hand it to the GDCTA who put together an amazing USDF Region 3 Championship show in Conyers!

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