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Windsong Farms Photo Shoot

At the Region 3 Championships last month I had the great fortune of meeting 2 amazing riders from Windsong Farms in Apopka, Florida. Heidi Basler (Basler Dressage) and Carrie Callahan became two of my favorite new friends from that amazing show, so I obviously jumped at the chance to do an equine photo shoot with them in orlando!

Equestrian photo shoot in orlando
Equine Photo Shoot in orlando

Carrie has two amazing Thoroughbreds that she has owned the majority of their lives, taking them through the levels of eventing and dressage. I loved to hear her stories and tales as we shot through the early hours of the morning, capturing these beautiful photos of her boys (husband included) in the golden hour of morning. She is an incredibly talented rider and I look forward to getting to watch her progress with Cooper (right) and, hopefully someday soon, her new young mount to take through the levels of Dressage!

Heidi Basler of Basler Dressage is Carrie's instructor, a gifted dressage rider and (clearly) trainer. I was excited to get the opportunity to take photos of her with her beautiful warmblood stallion la Mode, who was feeling the cool florida morning.

Dressage horse and rider
Warmblood dressage stallion La Mode

He made us work for every shot, prancing and snorting, but we got some amazing photos that helped to showcase their special connection. The more photos I do of horses and their people, the more I realize that my goal is to capture those connections... They may not always be the 'perfect' photo, but they always make me feel something and that is so much more important. Thank you so much for letting me work with you and your beautiful boy - I hope to be able to capture some photos of you in competition soon!

So excited to be able to continue capturing beautiful horses and riders in Central Florida! We are now sold out of our Stock the Portfolio pricing for 2018 and are looking to begin scheduling into 2019! Please email us or schedule your initial consultation on our website for more details!

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