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I started as an equestrian photographer in 2014 - utilizing my knowledge of horses after a lifetime as a rider and my love of the camera. Equestrian (especially Dressage) photography is still a mainstay of my business. It occupies the other half of my time during 'season' and I spend a lot of time in Wellington, Florida capturing international riders and their amazing horses! In this avenue of my business I specialize in branding - helping riders create a consistent social media image to attract sponsors and clients that make them happy... just like you make me happy!

How did I go from horses to weddings? Good question. It was actually one of my riders who got me started, and it was true love at first wedding. 

My love of capturing true emotion, the natural moments, is why I decided to become a photographer. Whether these moments are between two people, or a person and their animal, the raw emotion is my favorite part to get on 'film'. I have been a full time wedding photographer since 2019 (great timing hey? Riiiight before a worldwide pandemic) and it has been the best move of my life. 

My wedding photography style is best described as  Emotive: fine art inspired with a hint of moodiness,  and my posing styles can range from editorial to journalistic/candid depending on what my couple's personalities and styles are. Most of my couples love the combination of high fashion inspired poses/expressions, and more relaxed candid looks. You walk away from the end of your wedding or session with me feeling like a model, no matter your skin tone, colour or creed.

I am the type of person who can either take control of your wedding to keep it on schedule or sit back and let your wedding planner run the show. . . I go with the flow for your wedding day - as long as it's  not at the expense of doing what you hired me to do - get really amazing wedding portraits! Couples hire me because I can make everyone, no matter their body type or wedding budget, look AH-MAZING in their photos. 

So if you're the type of person who values high quality photography and wants to have photos to stare at for the rest of your lives - then I am your gal. 

I ended up as a photographer because its a lifelong passion, and it is a perfect fit for my life now that I'm a mom. I spend all week taking care of my son Apollo and training with my horse-son Gambit towards our international Debut at FEI dressage... and every weekend? Every weekend I'm living my dream and photographing weddings just like yours!

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