While I have been a photographer my entire life, it wasn't until a few years ago that I started to pursue it as a career. I started off photographing horses and equestrian events, but it wasn't until family and friends began requesting me to shoot their weddings that I realized my true passion. 


I loved being able to capture true emotion, the natural moments between couples or a rider and their horses. I don't believe in awkward posing, and I will work around imperfect lighting conditions to get natural photos and keep you comfortable.    I use my weird sense of humor and outgoing nature to build a friendship with my clients that I can use to my advantage.


Each of my clients has their own personality and style, and I love being able to capture that on camera. 


I use only the best equipment, lenses, and have a full set of backup equipment as well as trusted second photographers. I am open and willing to travel worldwide and will even offer sensational deals if your wedding happens to occur somewhere I have on my bucket list!

Send me a message or give me a call today - I would love to capture your special day! 

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Tel: 407-259-9293

Email: sunsoarphotography@gmail.com

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