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Saskatchewan Wedding with the Mackay's

Few things are as complimentary as a photographer then someone giving you your first crack at a wedding. In this case, it was my amazing cousin Kayla Mackay who asked me to photograph for her.

They had a lovely backyard wedding in Saskatchewan, Canada that allowed me the chance to (not only) photograph a close cousin of mine's wedding day, but also visit with my family members. We had a fantastic day in beautiful scenery, and really enjoyed getting to utilize the natural background and simplicity of the southern Saskatchewan landscape.

It was a lovely overcast day with spurts of rain and sunshine that made for a tricky shooting environment, however, we were able to make the best of it as our wedding party was AMAZING. They were full of laughs, and were very fun and easy to work with. Even the nervous people ended up having a great time as we drove around the countryside seeking the perfect locations.

wedding party in Saskatchewan
The Mackay wedding party

We wish the Mackay's and their 2 beautiful children the best of lives together, and thank them for giving us the opportunity to photograph their wedding. We LOVED how the photos turned out.

Are you a bride looking for an amazing photographer without the 3,000+ price tag? Reach out to us! We are still looking to expand our portfolio in this field and are offering VERY steep discounts to our first 3 brides! Email us at and tell us a little about your wedding, we may agree to shoot you for as low as $1,000 for the day!

Happy Wedding day Kayla & Chancellor!

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