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Wedding Photography Styles (AKA. Are we right for you?)

We get it.

Trying to find a wedding photographer can be overwhelming. So many personalities, styles, and price ranges! It can be difficult to find the right person, so let us help you. Assuming you've figured out your budget the next step is finding the right vendor!

There are two different versions of photography 'styles' - editing style and capturing style. These two styles work together to create the images you see when looking for wedding photographers on places like the knot! This blog post will focus on editing styles - but we promise to make another one talking more about posing styles at another time!

Take a look below and let us know your preferences and why!

Style 1: Light & Airy

I'm sure you've heard this buzz word around the photography circles before! This is a stylized image that became very popular about 5-10 years ago - these images use bright highlights, lower contrast and a softer focus to give a romantic feel.


Style 2: Dark & Moody

This style is the polar opposite of Light & Airy and has become VERY popular in recent years! Instead of focusing on highlights and softness this style is dramatic - the image as a whole is darker and colors more saturated.


Style 3 : True - to - light

This is considered traditional photography - a lot of times photographers who specialize in this style use flash to assist with gaining perfect expsure. Many photographers (ourselves included) emulate this style for our less artistic photos (indoor first looks & family portraits; for example) to help make sure they are timeless for our clients. However, while these photos prove the test of time we find that they are less artistic and rarely the type our clients choose to print and showcase in large format.


Style 4: Luxe

This is our specialty and a style we created to emulate our favorite parts of each of the above!

We find it to be a perfect blend - mixing the dramatic shadows from 'dark and moody' and the soft romantic feel of 'light and airy'. These photos are complex in colour and print beautifully in large format - with crisp shadows and beautiful highlights.. it is true to light (like traditional photography) but with our own artistic flair. This is a rich image that can make even a simplistic DIY wedding feel luxurious and like any true fine art photograph is ready to be blown up in large format for your wall.

Regardless of what you choose your wedding photographer needs to have a style that is very you! Need some help deciding? Ask to see an entire wedding album and see what truly resonates with you! Weddings are complex, but getting good photos doesn't have to be!

Love our work as much as we do? Send us a message to schedule a call and discuss your wedding in more detail!

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