Congratulations on your wedding!

If you are here, that means you are one of our couples and it is almost time for your big day!  Please take a few minutes to fill in the below survey and take note of our day-of-tips!


If you have any questions please email us at or Text/Call at 4072599293


  • If your wedding will require flash - please make sure your make up artist does not use any product with minerals and avoid day of mineral SPF use. This will help avoid "flashback" from our external lighting sources

  • Avoid glossy lipstick and consider foundation or powder that will reduce the chance of having a shiny face

  • Please have your artist pack additional blotting pads, lipstick and any other critical touch up items. We can assist you with this on the day of if needed


  • Please have your hairdresser pack additional bobby pins for us to use if needed and bring your favorite hair spray along with!

  • For guys - please bring your favorite hair balm with just in case we need to soothe some flyaways. 


  • In order to do a private session with our bride/groom we require at least 30 minutes of alone time. Please plan your session accordingly (we recommend first looks whenever the couple is comfortable with it)

  • If we are wanting to do a sunset photo session please plan to leave 45 minutes before sundown. These are weather dependent sessions. 

  • Be kind to ensure the presence of all the family members required at your wedding photos. Plan for about 5 minutes per photo for shots with fewer than 14 people, about 10 minutes per photo for shots with more than 14 people. Make sure to plan for ample timing and make sure these guests are aware of where they need to be & when. 

  • Pre-assign a family member or friend who knows the people to be in the pictures to round them up for the photos. Getting people where they need to be for the photos is by far the most time consuming part of group shots.

  •  Please, make sure the cutting of the cake or exit fanfare occurs within the booking time. ​

  • As a reminder - the photographer/assistant and second shooter (if booked) will eat when the bride/groom are eating to ensure we are free for important wedding events. If your timeline requires an adjustment to this plan please let us know ASAP so we can schedule accordingly. 

Wedding Questionnaire

Thanks for submitting your wedding day details! We will contact you if we have any questions