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Orlando Regional Realty Listing - Peaky Point

Real Estate Photography
Beautiful Dining room

As a happy accident, about a year ago, we ended up being requested to fill in last minute on a real estate shoot for Orlando Regional Realty. We had a preexisting relationship with the owners, as a result of being from the same home province (Saskatchewan) and so they reached out when their regular photographer fell through.

This property was our fifth together, allowing me time to upgrade equipment and learn the ropes. However, we have really solidified our relationship in that time, and had our best result yet. Not a single home we have photographed for Orlando Regional Realty has been on the market more then 2 weeks before going under contract, but this home was under contract in 12 HOURS!!!!

If you are in the central florida area and need an amazing realtor or mortgage broker make sure to reach out to and ask for Kimberley Beaudry! You just may get to work with us too!

If you are a realtor in the Orlando area and need a #realestatephotographer please reach out to us at or schedule a conference call on the website. We have an amazing intro deal - $100 for 50 photos for your first shoot and our regular cost is a competitive $125 with guaranteed 48 hour turnaround (typically 24).

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