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Traveling is a great passion of ours, though we had never had the opportunity to head over seas... until now! Taking advantage of a holiday weekend, and an AMAZING flight sale from Delta airlines, we got to hop across the pond and ended up in ITALY! I could not have asked for a more amazing trip with the love of my life to test out my photography chops!

Barga Italy
Barga, Italy

Our whirlwind 10 day trip included time in Rome,Naples, Pompeii, Florence, and (my favorite) the beautiful small town in Lucca province called Barga. We ate our weight in pasta, drank wine all day long, and in general enjoyed the incredible history that is Italy!

Pompeii art installation
Art installation at Pompeii

While fast, and not nearly long enough to see what we wanted, we had a wonderful time exploring this beautiful country and CANNOT WAIT to return! We are always open to exploring opportunities to photograph in other countries, whether it is new resorts, weddings or family establishments and will work in exchange for travel expenses. Please contact us at for details!

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