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Looking for a wedding Photographer? Check out our Price list HERE

Looking to get a stellar wedding or equestrian photographer & videographer? I'm your gal. 

Are you one of the many who says "I suck in front of the camera" or "I'm not photogenic!" Well - Im your girl! With my terrible sense of humor, awkward dad jokes, and ability to make you forget you haven't known me your whole life.. I will get THE BEST pictures and become a good friend in the process!

I am gifted at capturing people - whether its with horses or the loves of their lives. I help to pose you but make it feel natural and fluid - but I am also gifted enough to help you adjust your positioning for the BEST angles... Will I position you? Yes, but then the rest is just you being your perfect self.


I am open to and experienced with all body types, races, religions and genders.

We're offering up to 10% off wedding photography AND videography by booking both services with us! Message us for more information!


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